Beginning Acting | University of Wyoming, William & Mary, Christopher Newport University
Taught both majors and non-majors sections. Fulfills a humanities requirement for non-majors. This class provides an introduction to the arts and craft of acting. Students gain widely applicable skills and knowledge through understanding of personal physicality and voice, script analysis, scene scoring and a basic approach to improv, scene and character study, and performance.

Intermediate Acting | University of Wyoming
A requirement for performance BAs/BFAs, this course continues their core training. Topics stressed include script analysis, emotional availability, and professionalism. Includes a survey element touching on a variety of acting techniques, including Michael Chekhov, Alba Emoting, Meisner, and more.

Acting Styles | University of Wyoming
An upper-level requirement for performance BFAs, this course provides an introduction to historical and aesthetic styles apart from realism. Topics include the classical acting tradition, Elizabethan, Restoration, Commedia del Arte, farces, and more.

Acting for the Camera | University of Wyoming
An upper-level requirement for performance BFAs, this is the only screen-specific performance course offered. Topics covered include on-set protocol, industry norms, auditioning, personality slates, commercial work, and dramatic scenes.

Intro to Stage Combat | University of Wyoming, William & Mary (Substitute)
A introduction to the techniques involved in basic unarmed and rapier & dagger stage combat, primarily following the curriculum of the Society of American Fight Directors. This is a requirement for all theatre BFA students at the UW. Counts towards hours for SAFD certification, but testing requires taking the optional follow-up course, Advanced Stage Combat

Movement for the Actor | University of Wyoming, Virginia Commonwealth University
An upper-level requirement for performance BFAs; A study of the basic elements of movement and non-verbal storytelling for the actor. Performance intensive. Pedagogies used include LeCoq, Suzuki, Michael Chekhov and Grotowski, with units on mask, mime, movement qualities, physical scores, and working with music.

coaching broadsword

Special Topics in Stage Combat | University of Wyoming, Virginia Commonwealth University
Elective courses leading to adjudicated certification testing with the Society of American Fight Directors in one or more of their core eight weapons disciplines (Unarmed, Rapier & Dagger, Broadsword, Sword & Shield, Single Sword, Smallsword, Quarterstaff, and Knife).

Speech for Business and the Professions Public Speaking | Virginia Commonwealth University
These courses covered theory and practice in the oral communication process. Content included organization and presentation of informative and persuasive subject matter in professional contexts related to the student’s major area of interest, as well as communication skills in a variety of contexts. Body language, voice, tone, and many other features of presenting were coached. Full teaching responsibilities, including: syllabus creation, lecture and discussion facilitator, grading and evaluation of student work.

Course was often majority non-native English speakers. Required of several majors including engineering and computer science.

Introduction to Drama | Virginia Commonwealth University
The course involved analysis and critical examination of plays for methods of interpretation and production qualities. Writing and discussion intensive. Graduate Student Instructor responsibilities including lecture and discussion facilitator, evaluation and grading of student work within a shared syllabus.


In addition to the courses listed above, I have taught a special topics course in film-making, workshops in Movement, Mask, Stage Combat, Falls, Action Film-making, and Firearms for audiences of Middle School, High School, college and adult actors, as well as special interest groups such as animators or stage managers. I have taught at international, national, and regional stage combat workshops, and have taught and presented at youth organizations, dance schools, film clubs, and major regional and national conferences.